Some LogoThis website provides a free resource of valuable information to assist You in understanding why so many homes throughout Australia and the other parts of the world often become a primary source of Termite Food.The information and advice herein will assist Homeowners and Property Investors to thoroughly understand what steps they will need to take when they : 1) Purchase an Existing Home 2) Have a Home Constructed 3) Get Termite Problems in an Existing Home
Are You A Home Owner?
Did You Know that current methodologies and regulations cause great distress to Homeowners and Property Investors with Termite Monitoring Systems being misrepresented as Termite Barriers?
Building Industry Professionals
The Front End Pre-construction Industry Practises and Methodologies are Fuelling the Massive Amount of Back End Post-construction Termite work as clearly evidenced by the huge upsurge of Termite Vehicles on the roads.
Having Termite Problems?
Many homes are “at risk” without the occupant being aware that termites are busily consuming their major investment – Their Homes!