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When having a Home Constructed Part 4

Where a physical termite management system is recommended by the builder.

  1. Will a properly accredited Pest Manager complete an inspection of the property prior to any building works being undertaken so as to take precautions and reduce the risk of subterranean termite infestation by eliminating any nest of wood-feeding species of subterranean termites found within the property boundaries, up to a distance of 50 metres from the proposed new building work in accordance with the Australian Standard?
  2. Does this system breakdown, deteriorate or diminish over time? Has there ever been any evidence produced of this occurring in relation to this product? (Ascertain the material used in the physical system, i.e. metal, steel, plastic, etc., and tailor the question accordingly.)
  3. What responsibilities as a Homeowner will I have in relation to the inspection and maintenance of this termite management system?
  4. Can the integration of the termite management system into the construction of the home react negatively at a later date?
  5. Can you provide me with a written guarantee that the system will not occasion any ‘shearing of the joint’ where it passes through the brickwork?
  6. What warranty is provided by the manufacturer or provider of this termite management system?
  7. What warranty is provided by the system provider in relation to termites ‘breaching’ the system?
  8. What warranty is provided by the system provider in relation to termites ‘bridging’ the system?
  9. Given that certain elements of the system are integrally locked into the building or hidden from view, (i.e. sandwiched between brickwork or inside external walls in the moisture cavity) how is a determination made as to whether ‘bridging or ‘breaching’ has occurred and who makes that determination?
  10. When pathways, driveways, gardens, pool and other proposed finishing works (specify works) are applied to my home will they impact negatively on the physical termite management system by creating a bridging opportunity for termites?
  11. When pathways, driveways, gardens and other proposed works (specify works) are applied to my home will they negatively impact upon or in Any way void my warranty in relation to this system?
  12. The suggested life of a house structure is ‘Fifty Years’.  Will the system you recommend last fifty years and does the warranty expire prior to that period of time?
  13. Will you provide me with a written guarantee that provided I comply with the required inspection process and any other requirements of the termite management system provider, that you, as the builder, will provide all the of the necessary materials and labour required to rectify any and all problems associated with termite ingress free of charge?
  14. If expensive drilling and injection is at a later date required to treat termite ingress despite my compliance with the inspection process and any other requirements of the termite management system provider, will you, as the builder, personally accept the associated costs and responsibilities of restoring my home to its previous condition, both internally and externally, where post-treatment works may affect carpet, tiles, flooring, driveways, pathways, porticos, etc.?
  15. Will this guarantee be provided in writing and form an enforceable part of the contract?
  16. Ask the Builder to provide answers to the Questions asked of the Standards Committee in the Letter from the ACCC!


Where a Timber Treatment System is recommended by the builder.

  1. Ask the Builder if he is using LOSP or a Borate Treatment.
  2. Ask to see the Warranty to note the time period, whether it is comprehensive or limited, and to review the exclusions therein.
  3. If an L.O.S.P. Treatment is being used, ask whether it is H2 or H2F, as H2F Treatments provide a very limited envelope treatment.
  4. Ask the Builder if the treated timber has other benefits such as being able to provide anti- fungal protection and fire retardancy.






The builder’s answers to these questions should assist you in deciding whether to proceed or otherwise in contracting to construct a home.

The questions provided by TAG and the ACCC (See ACCC Letter to Standards) should assist you in gaining an understanding of some of the many facets required to be attended to when contracting to have the construction of a home.

Often there can be specific pest management problems related to various forms of construction which may not appear in this layout.

TAG has however covered the central issues and the questions herein should indeed require the builder to carefully consider some of the issues prior to entering into a formal, legal and binding contract that takes on all of your concerns.


You should familiarise your self with the following:

ACCC Letter to Standards  (web-link)

Physical termite management systems (web-link)

Chemical termite management systems (web-link)


Understanding these subjects will help you to understand that your choice(s) of termite management system may determine whether your home is to be a sound investment, financial disaster and/or a crumbling nightmare.

This information should provide you with the knowledge to make an informed decision.


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